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Woman peering thru hands photoNever have people lived in times of such rapid, profound change.

Never have we, as a society, been more interconnected and globally aware. Awash in constant communications, the messages that connect are driven by clarity, passion and understanding.

Kirby Communications crafts messages that connect.

Glen Kirby has more than 30 years of communications experience, anchored by a passion for presenting information upon which we can make informed choices. Collaborating with Glen is a network of skilled, well-resourced media experts - a virtual office that grows to accomodate the challenge, quickly and efficiently.

We are Kirby Communications.

Recent Projects

Historic flooding which destroyed the iconic Swinging Bridge in Souris MB is the subect of our latest documentary, now in production and slated for completion in early 2015.

We teamed with the Canadian Cancer Society for a series of education videos about the financial headships endured by cancer patients and their families.

Startup company Kritter Klock needed video. Family business - family actors!

A funky music store that still believes in vinyl, Into The Music is the spot for music lovers.

Sound by Garnet
is an hour-long documentary about music icon Gar Gillies - the man who designed and built the famed Garnet Amplifiers used by musicians including Randy Bachman and Gordie Johnson.

My Home is Manitoba
is a series of government-commissioned videos to help increase diversity awareness. The videos are being distributed to immigration offices throughout the province.

A Bit About Kirby

Glen Kirby

Glen Kirby is a writer, broadcaster and communications consultant with three decades of multi-media experience.

As a teen in 1976 he produced and directed his first video project, a government-commissioned documentary.

Glen worked in commercial radio for 10 years as a copywriter, producer, news director, on-air talent and news reader.

In television since 1988, Glen is comfortable on both sides of the camera as a writer, director, producer, reporter, camera operator and editor. He has worked for private, public and cable broadcasters creating documentaries, news programming, commercials, and music videos.

Glen started Kirby Communications in 1991 as a sideline business.

Today, Kirby Communications is a full time agency collaborating with clients big and small across Canada.


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