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hand with lightbulbServices

What exactly can we do for you? In a word - content.

Kirby Communications designs and produces creative content for the web, broadcast and print. Our speciality is video production. Video is the most important marketing tool available today because it bridges existing and developing communication technologies, namely broadcast television, recordable media and the internet.

Content is the primary reason that people engage the internet, or turn to broadcast outlets and printed materials. In our media-rich culture, a person today consumes three times the information they would have in 1960.

Our work is built upon a simple, powerful premise: engage your audience with well-crafted, substantive content.

Fifty years ago, mass media guru Marshall McLuhan observed that people are influenced not only by information but the process in which that information is delivered - 'the medium is the message'. To that end, we believe communications extensions should be important, relevant and respectful.


Corporate Video Production

No denying it - we live in a video generation. But riddle me this: when over a billion people watch online videos each day, why do 99% of all internet pages not contain any video?

Video is bold. Video is a firm handshake. A picture is worth a thousand words, but video is unforgettable. Professional video reaches your clients, potential business partners and employees like nothing else can.

Kirby Communications can produce video for your website, in-house training, DVD sales packages, closed-circuit video loops or commercial broadcast.

A well-produced video weaves images and sounds, delivering a message that your clients and customers will understand and enjoy.

Houseboats video icon My Home is Manitoba icon
Floating Lodges preview
My Home is Manitoba preview


Documentary and News Production

Need a field producer? Tape gathered for a breaking story? We have decades of experience in news and documentary programming.

Glen has travelled the world capturing compelling stories, as an independent film maker and with public and private broadcasters. The human element is key in his work - abused migrant worker, imprisoned outlaw biker, tortured genius.

Equally capable in large productions or guerilla shoots, Glen can handle writing, directing, producing, shooting, editing and on-screen hosting.

Stony Mt at night Gillies with amps
Inside Stony preview
Sound by Garnet preview


Audio Production

Audio Production previews

Need a radio spot? Maybe a voice for your TV documentary?

Glen has been voicing and producing audio FOREVER! He started his broadcast career in radio and, over the years, has been a DJ, news reader, production voice and writer/producer.

In our fully equipped studio wth music and sound effects library, we can create the sounds you need for commercial radio, TV, independent film or documentaries.

Take a listen.


Web Content and Design

Whether you sell services, smiles or soap, the internet takes your business to the world.

Websites and web-based communications are the dominant marketing tools of our time. Hard to believe that the World Wide Web has only been in existence since 1991.

Content is what drives clients and customers to your website. As singer Willie Nelson says, "You can't make a record if you ain't got nothing to say".

Kirby Communications can create your website content - the words, graphics and videos which communicate who you are, what you do, and why you do it better.

We also build electronic magazines and email campaigns, popular because you can target specific audiences with immediate messaging and track the results.

The internet. Get on it.


Printed Materials and Copywriting

Printed materials remain popular because they are easily personalized and you can pack a lot into a little space.

Kirby Communications designs and writes pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, press kits, banners, and display advertisements for newspaper and magazine.

We start with a blank page and a conversation. Give us an idea. We will run with it, taking care of the artwork, copywriting and printing,

pencil on paper photoA Word About Words

We like words. Words are powerful. Influential. They can be calming, frightening or saucy.

Words make you pick up the phone or write a cheque.

Words must stand out. They face a lot of competition – websites, emails and truckloads of letters from Ed McMahon.

We choose our words carefully. We know that one word can be more valuable than 10.

When you have something to say but don’t fancy yourself a wordsmith, call us. We know lots of words and just as many places to put them.

The right word in the right place will make your message. Take our word for it.



We are pleased to offer training in two areas:

Broadcast Journalism:

With extensive experience in all facets of the industry - reporter, producer, host, director, assignment editor and executive producer - Glen can customize training to your exact needs.

One-on-one or workshops available.

Media Relations:

Andy Warhol famously remarked that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Whether you are seeking fame or fleeing infamy, we can help.

Media training and awareness is a great way to get staff or top executives comfortable with interviews and press requests.

Our strength is intimate knowledge about how the media operates. Glen Kirby built a successful career reporting, producing and managing newsrooms in western Canada. That is a powerful base for the media relations we offer to you.



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